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(Egyptian Sekhem)

5th Ray

Energy Healing - Egyptian Sekhem

Through the lineage of his Grand Master, Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis integrates the heritage and lineage of the famous 19th-century French school called the "Ordre Eudiaque," in English "Eudiac Order." This organization’s tradition is focused on natural healing techniques that were once called animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism.

Sekhem, a term meaning "power" or "force," is an ancient healing modality that channels the powerful life force energy of the universe. Rooted in the mysticism and spiritual practices of ancient Egypt, Sekhem offers a pathway to profound personal transformation and holistic well-being.
Whether you wish to learn for yourself or embark on this training journey to become an Egyptian Sekhem therapist and eventually a Master Teacher, our lineage will provide you with all the authority, keys, and consecrations necessary.

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The "Mediterranean diet" is the only diet officially recognized by the American Heart Association and the only one that has been awarded by the UN. It is an essential part of the tradition that must be taught to reach a balanced and enjoyable life!

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