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Aurum Solis®

Location: Brit Hôtel du Laca, 705 Route du Laca, 65130 Capvern, France

Reach the location:
Plane: Tarbes Lourdes Airport
Train: Direct from Paris to Tarbes.
Car: The A64 motorway, exit 15 is 5 minutes from the hotel.


Proceed with your special reservation:
The owner of this hotel gives us an exceptional price.
To take advantage of this, please write directly at the following email address:

Please confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

Room + breakfast: €50 per person
Lunch, simple meal, starter + main course + dessert, €18 per person.
Dinner, more elaborate meal with local products, starter + main course + dessert: €25.
Drinks are not included.


These prices will also be valid if you wish to arrive one or two days earlier or leave later, and take advantage of the attractive region, or even take the opportunity for meditative walks at the foot of the Pic du Midi.

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