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  • What is the connection between the Aurum Solis and Mediterranean Yoga?
    The Aurum Solis is the direct heir to the theurgic tradition rooted in pre-Christian Hermeticism, later evolving through Pythagoreanism, Platonism, and Neoplatonism. During the Italian Renaissance, its history continued, preserving this pagan tradition. Theurgy extends beyond mere ceremonial or high magic; it encompasses a holistic system that incorporates the oldest techniques of the Western tradition. Psychic and spiritual development are integral aspects of this comprehensive system. The entirety of the theurgy's holistic system has been synthesized into the eight rays or categories of the Glorious Star, main symbol of our tradition. The Aurum Solis, in its direct and unbroken lineage, can be regarded as the inner Order (aka Stella Gloriosa) of Mediterranean Yoga. While anyone can learn and teach various categories of Mediterranean Yoga without engaging in the specific theurgic work and initiatory path, certain steps of the Aurum Solis require mastery of some of the other rays.
  • What does the term "Theurgic Tradition" refer to?
    The Order of the Aurum Solis is an initiatory tradition that stands as the heir of the Western Theurgic Tradition. Its foundation is deeply rooted in the principles of the Hermetic Tradition, originally crafted by the Egyptian God Thoth. Three key principles substantiate the authenticity and effectiveness of our work and lineage: 1- Direct Lineage of the Grand Master: In a genuine Theurgic Order like the Aurum Solis, the position of Grand Master is not a result of election or personal inclination. The Grand Master personally selects their successor and imparts the occult heritage through a specific initiation ceremony. This unique ritual establishes a connection between the new Grand Master and the gold chain of past Grand Masters, endowing the successor with full authority as the heir of the Tradition. It is important to note that the role of Grand Master is a lifelong commitment, only concluding with the death of the Grand Master or an official and irrevocable renunciation. While alive, the current Grand Master prepares a will naming the successor, who has been previously secretly consecrated. The rituals performed by the Grand Master sustain the egregore of the Tradition, ensuring its vitality and dynamism. 2- Power to connect Initiates to the Egregore of the Order: Genuine initiation must awaken the initiate and establish a connection with the egregore of the Order, providing assistance and protection. This power emanates from the occult chain of the Order and becomes evident in rituals, ceremonies, and individual work. 3- Communication of Sacred Objects: An authentic Order furnishes the initiate with "sacred objects" ritually consecrated to materialize their connection to the invisible chain. An example made public by the Aurum Solis is the individual object called Tessera, creating a direct link with the Mother Tessera and the heart of the order. This occult connection weaves a protective and invisible web, ensuring constant connection and protection from the egregore. Tesseri vary according to the degree attained in the curriculum.
  • What distinguishes Magic from Theurgy, also known as High Magick?
    Magic involves tapping into the concealed capabilities of human beings to accomplish particular objectives. It is often referred to as psychic powers or parapsychology. Notably, magic is indifferent to moral considerations. On the other hand, Theurgy, sometimes known as High Magick, is oriented toward spiritual advancement and the journey toward the divine. This pursuit is facilitated through rituals and psychic techniques, emphasizing elevated moral standards. While theurgy encompasses magical practices, the converse is not necessarily true—magical practices don't inherently encompass theurgy.
  • What is the relationship between the Aurum Solis and the Order of the Golden Dawn?
    The Aurum Solis and the Order of the Golden Dawn are two distinct orders with no connection or affiliation. They do not belong to the same tradition. Aurum Solis represents the theurgic Tradition rooted in Egyptian Hermeticism and eventually Neoplatonism. On the other hand, the Golden Dawn originated as an offshoot of a Masonic Rosicrucian group known as the SRIA. There is only one Ordo Aurum Solis, whereas there are numerous orders identifying themselves as the Golden Dawn. The latter is deeply rooted in various forms of Qabalah. The Aurum Solis tradition predates Qabalah, and as previously stated, its path is structured on pre-Christian theurgy, not on Qabalah. However, as the latter became part of the Western tradition, initiates of the Aurum Solis learn and experiment with various aspects of this Jewish esoteric tradition at one point. While both traditions are respectable, they are fundamentally different.
  • Is the Aurum Solis a Christian organization?
    Although a brief statement from the Aurum Solis (from the late '90s) might suggest that, it is not. As stated in the first books published by Denning and Phillips while Michael Bernard Foy was Grand Master, the particular interests of the society were Alchemical, Gnostic, Medieval, and Celtic traditions. The Order based much of its work on Celtic celebrations: the ancient Fire Festivals, Imbolc, Bealteinne, Lughnasadh, and Samhuinn are ritually celebrated year by year. Of course, the Order also associated with these main purposes Qabalah and esoteric Christianity coming from the Renaissance. Several interesting aspects have been used along with the structure of religious rituals. However, as it was then stated, the Order wanted to avoid the limitations of the rabbinic traditions or the stereotyped Judeo-Christian interpretations. There are churches that do well in their work for those interested. The Aurum Solis and the whole system of Mediterranean Yoga maintains the same position: It is not and cannot be a Christian church or Order per se! Of course, the Aurum Solis is open to people of all faiths. However, any person who believes they have the only truth or intends to convert others to their own belief is not welcome. As you can see in the history of our Order, the Hermetic tradition was established in ancient Egypt. The Grand Masters of the gold chain have worked to maintain this ancient tradition of Hermetic Mysteries. During the 5th century, the Emperor Justinian forbade this ancient cult, killing and banishing priests, priestesses, and theurgists who refused to convert. The temples were looted and destroyed. Initiates who survived were able to save this precious heritage and kept it secret. Initiates of the Gold Chain continued to practice their rituals, initiations, and remained loyal to their Divinities and their ancestors. The philosopher Pletho and later Marsilio Ficino are good examples of that.
  • Is there a link between the Aurum Solis and Templar Orders?
    The ancient Templar Order, much like contemporary ones, was established to safeguard pilgrims journeying to Jerusalem and the Christian sites in that region. Their objectives included the defense of Christianity against other faiths, primarily Islam, and the creation of the first banking system used by pilgrims and kings. It's crucial to acknowledge that the Knights Templar operated as a religious army, and their approach was akin to the religious fundamentalists we see today. They based their religious order on a text prepared for them by Saint Bernard de Clairvaux, which explicitly outlined their duty. The text, known as "Praise of their new militia," is explicit about their attitude in battle, as highlighted in the following excerpts: “But the soldiers of Christ fight in full security the battles of their Lord, because they do not have to fear to offend God by killing an enemy and they run no danger, if they are killed themselves, since it is for Jesus Christ that they give or receive the blow of death, and that, not only do they not offend God, but also, they acquire great glory: indeed, if they kill, it is for the Lord. [...] The Christian prides himself on the death of a pagan, because Christ Himself is glorified, but in the death of a Christian the liberality of the King of Heaven is exposed, since he draws his soldier of the melee only to reward him. [...] May the double sword of the Christians be drawn upon the heads of our enemies, to destroy all that raises against the knowledge of God, that is, against the faith of Christians, so that the infidels may one day say: Where is their God?” (Excerpt from "Praise of their new militia" by Saint Bernard.) Despite historical facts, many legends have been woven around these knights, given the medieval era's intertwining of myths and facts. Some Templars were undoubtedly initiated into occult traditions, influencing Templar architecture and art. The idea of a connection between the traditions of the Middle East and Europe gained prominence in the occult Western world between the 18th and 20th centuries. In the 1980s, the current Grand Master Jean-Louis de Biasi received traditional knighting in two of the most famous Templar Orders. These consecrations were later associated with another authentic lineage, and de Biasi offered this knighting to Denning and Phillips, who had not received it before. In September 1995, they expressed gratitude for the gift, recognizing its significance for Aurum Solis. As Denning wrote: “You offer to impart to us the benison of the apostolic and chivalric lineages within your keeping and gift is accepted by us, humbly, and with return of the love which has inspired your regard towards us. Your gifts will be received in honour and cherished accordingly. This is a significant development for Aurum Solis, and it means much to us personally.” (You can learn more in the archives of the Order) Over the years, Grand Master de Biasi deepened his knowledge of this tradition on esoteric and historic levels. However, by the beginning of this century, he realized that this tradition belonged to the past, and its principles were contrary to non-violent hermetic principles. The rise of religious wars worldwide reinforced this realization. While exploring the Knights Templar as part of the Western Tradition can be interesting, it is recommended to rely on serious historians, archaeology, and theology. Forming a spirituality based on texts explicitly praising religious wars is considered nonsensical, regardless of the motivations. It's crucial to distinguish between the principles of the Fedeli d’Amore and the Troubadours, aiming to ascend to the divine through love and beauty instead of war. This distinction is significant.
  • Is the Aurum Solis a religious order?
    If we consider that a religious order teaches its members the way to develop a relationship with the Divine Powers and the Cosmos, then the Aurum Solis is religious. However, Aurum Solis is not a religion per se. Its roots come from the philosophies of Hermeticism and pre-Christian Ancient Mysteries. It is a Theurgic organization embodying the lineage of the tradition we just mentioned. It is worth noting that Mediterranean Yoga contains various components that focus on the union with the divine and divinities.
  • Is Aurum Solis a gnostic group or Order?
    A page of this website will help you to answer to this question. Click here to open the page >
  • What does the term "initiation" mean?
    First you can find a short answer by clicking here. An initiation is a ritual conducted for a candidate with the aim of achieving various spiritual outcomes. Key objectives include: Connection to an egregore: Establishment of a connection to a collective spiritual energy. Changes in states of consciousness: Alteration of the candidate's awareness. Awakening psychic abilities: Activation of latent psychic capacities. Preparing for the afterlife: Facilitation of spiritual readiness for the post-mortal journey. Initiation rituals fall into two primary categories: Symbolic Rituals: These rituals incorporate symbols within the ceremony to induce a psychological impact on the candidate. The intention is to generate a series of effects in the candidate's unconscious, psyche, and soul. Symbolic rituals, such as many Masonic practices, aim to create a profound effect through psychological repercussion. Theurgic Rituals: This category, exemplified by the Aurum Solis, involves the use of a unique process to directly influence the invisible body of the candidate. The initiator consciously operates on two levels: the physical and the invisible. In the case of theurgic rituals, the focus is on the psychic bodies, resulting in deeper, more enduring, and highly effective outcomes. It's worth noting that these two types of rituals can be complementary. While a symbolic ritual doesn't necessarily imply the theurgic level, the theurgic ritual inherently involves the use of symbols and various magical tools.
  • Do the rituals of Aurum Solis come from Freemasonry, as is the case in most other Orders?
    Freemasonry is a respectable tradition that primarily exists in two ways: philanthropic and symbolic/esoteric. This tradition was established in the 18th century in Europe. The tradition of the Aurum Solis predates Freemasonry, and therefore, the practices and rituals of Mediterranean Yoga and the Aurum Solis have no direct connection with it. These traditions are compatible if we are talking about honest and serious Masonic groups.
  • What does the term "Ogdoadic Tradition" refer to?
    The tradition of High Magic traces its roots back to the God Thoth, who is recognized as the founder and divine father of this occult lineage. In the 20th century, the Aurum Solis incorporated Druidic and Shamanic traditions under the name "Green Flame of Albion." During the 1970s, the term "Ogdoadic Tradition" was coined by past Grand Master’s Denning and Osborn Phillips to describe the hermetic and theurgic lineage that eventually evolved into the Aurum Solis. It is crucial to emphasize that the term "Ogdoadic Tradition" did not exist before its modern usage. The Ogdoadic Tradition is synonymous with the Ordo Aurum Solis and has no existence outside of it, as explicitly stated in the oldest version of the Rules and Regulations of the Order (Access the archive by clicking here). This tradition has been quietly perpetuated in the Mediterranean World and Europe over centuries, incorporating key elements of magical Qabalah and astrology since the Renaissance. It can be considered the true heart of sacred Western Mysteries. According to the "Declaration of Legitimacy" by the Grand Master, currently Jean-Louis de Biasi, only the Grand Master holds the "keys and ceremonies necessary to establish an Adept as an Adeptus Plenus (or Full Adept)." The former Grand Master emphasizes that anyone else lacks the authority to establish an individual as an Adeptus Plenus according to the ceremonies, intent, and inner plane contact of the Order Aurum Solis. Any individual or group claiming to represent the Ogdoadic Tradition without being a Grand Officer of the Aurum Solis in good standing with the Order is deemed deceptive, attempting to manipulate language to mislead the public. The oldest version of the Rules and Regulations underlines this irrefutable fact. The Past Grand Master Osborne Phillips clarifies that the only person possessing the keys of adepthood and the archive of the Order is the Grand Master. Thus, any group outside of the Aurum Solis declaring ownership of inner degrees or techniques of this Tradition is in violation of transmission rules, labeled as a falsehood, and cautioned against. The Aurum Solis, also referred to as the Ogdoadic Tradition, has successfully maintained its organizational integrity without compromising its legacy and innermost rituals. The traditional rules for appointing a new Grand Master have allowed this tradition to endure with the strength of its legacy. This has been true in the past, remains true today, and is expected to continue in the future. For these reasons, the Aurum Solis stands as a unique and exemplary initiatory Order within the Western Tradition.
  • What purpose does an initiatory school serve for me?
    In our contemporary era, it may appear that knowledge is easily accessible. The internet and numerous books seemingly encompass everything one might desire to know. So, why opt for enrollment in a school? The straightforward response is that we learn more effectively when in direct contact with experienced individuals and under the guidance of those who have mastered the art or subject one wishes to learn. Life is brief, and time is a valuable commodity. Being part of an honest and reputable group ensures protection, efficient progress, and guidance in the correct direction. Moreover, an authentic initiation provides something that no book can offer.
  • What areas do you recommend exploring to learn more about the Aurum Solis?
    Read the information on this website. Read the books of the Grand Master. Furthermore, conduct personal experiments by enrolling in a Pronaos.
  • From where does the Aurum Solis originate?
    The Aurum Solis was established in its current form in 1897. However, this initiatic Order, which passes on the sacred mysteries of Theurgy, has ancient origins predating the Christian era and traces its roots to the African continent, specifically Egypt. That is where it originated. A lineage of initiates, known as the Masters of the gold chain, preserved this Ogdoadic heritage (the tradition of the God Thoth), which eventually led to the formation of the Aurum Solis. Click here to learn more about the history of the Aurum Solis >
  • How many Grand Masters does the Aurum Solis have?
    Since its inception, the Order of the Aurum Solis has upheld a distinct and unbroken lineage of Grand Masters, a rarity among contemporary initiatic Orders, many of which seem plagued by internal conflicts and divisions. Since 1897, there have been ten Grand Masters, conventionally appointed for life unless health issues or formal resignation necessitate a change. Vivian Godfrey stands out as the only female Grand Master to date, serving for 20 years until her passing. Jean-Louis de Biasi currently holds the position of Grand Master, having received the full powers of the Tradition in 2003.
  • In how many countries is the Order present?
    The Order of the Aurum Solis is present worldwide. You can discover more about the locations where you can encounter the Order by clicking here. It is a beautiful manifestation of true international brotherhood.
  • How is the Order of the Aurum Solis organized?
    Aurum Solis is governed by Rules and Regulations that outline both the administrative and initiatic facets of the Order. Since its inception, the Order Aurum Solis has been administered in accordance with the principles outlined in these regulations by a Grand Master, an Associate Grand Master, and a Council of the Order (Collegium Cathedrarum). All Houses of the Order maintain direct connections with the Collegium Cathedrarum for the esoteric aspects of the Order and the General Administrator for its administrative functions.
  • How many degrees or initiations can be found in the Ordo Aurum Solis?
    There are four degrees in the Order, preceded by a training period known as "Pronaos." The first three levels unfold over several years in a meticulously gradual process. The fourth initiation (Adeptus Plenus) is bestowed upon a select few companions based on their individual accomplishments. This pivotal stage enables the companion to progress further along the path of theurgy. During this phase, retreat periods are provided, affording students the opportunity to fulfill crucial functions within the Order and advance in their personal practice. It is evident that providing detailed information on these advanced elements of the initiatic path is challenging. Suffice it to say, they constitute the core of the theurgic journey. Delving into the works of Iamblichus and the text of the Asclepius can shed light on these aspects. Additionally, for many years, the Order has fostered specialized groups dedicated to deepening various facets of the Aurum Solis legacy. These groups are sometimes organized into Guilds, reminiscent of the Italian period of the Order. Notable Guilds include the "Lords of Topaz," the "Red Fleur de Lis," the "Knights of the Bronze Cross," the "Knights of the Red Cross," the "Flame Holders," the "Immortals," and the "Adepts of Gnosis," among others. Some traditional designations have been merged, aligning with core curriculum study elements, while others have been allocated to specialized classes. These inner groups are revealed to companions only after specific steps. The various groups or guilds occasionally offer specific initiations, all rooted in the legacy of the Aurum Solis. Other initiations are directly linked to other rays of the Great Star. Without aiming to be exhaustive, this is evident, for example, in the Eudiaque initiations connected to healing and various other initiations linked to devotion.
  • How does progress in the degrees take place?
    It is crucial to understand a few fundamental aspects: Individual Progression: Advancement is individual and hinges on the practice of specific rituals. Guidance by Advanced Companion: Throughout your journey, you will receive support from a more advanced companion. Validation through Reports: Reports submitted to your mentor will validate your individual practices. Demonstration of Psychic Abilities: Mastery of your psychic abilities must be demonstrated before initiations. Moral Standards and Ego Work: Your moral standards and efforts in working on your ego are also considered. The medals we value are not merely honorary decorations; they serve as magical talismans used in rituals. We aspire for every companion to embody essential virtues, including goodwill, brotherhood, seriousness, work, fidelity, courtesy, and honesty. We firmly believe that these values are indispensable, and progression in the degrees is contingent upon adhering to them. This is how an initiatory Order remains serious, honest, and spiritually powerful!
  • Is the Aurum Solis offering correspondence courses for sale?
    No, this is not the way that the Ordo Aurum Solis works. An initiate of the Order has access to very extensive material such as: - A gradual curriculum composed of individual (and group) rituals allowing you to reach the highest levels of initiation to the “Mysteries;” - Simple and effective inner exercises, developed by Western initiate philosophers helping you to purify your mind and soul (Also developed extensively in various rays of the Great Star); - A set of mystical practices to put you in connection with the Immortal Divinities watching over the Aurum Solis (Also developed extensively in the ray "Devotion " of the Great Star); - A gradual communication of magic keys (formulas, symbols, sacred words) applicable to all situations of your life; - Teachings of the magical Hebrew and Greek Qabalah in advanced courses of the Order; - A theoretical and practical study of the main Mediterranean traditions such as Pythagorism, Orphism, and Mithraism. All these aspects are associated with comments, explanations and lessons. Knowing what exists in other initiatic orders, we can really say that there is nothing more complete than what you find in the Stella Gloriosa of the Aurum Solis and obviously in the holistic system of Mediterranean Yoga. Learn more about the first step of the Pronaos by clicking here >
  • Who can apply?
    Any adults, no matter their gender, can apply if they are driven by a genuine desire to embark on an initiatory journey of ascent towards the Divine, to control their psychic abilities, and live by the moral values previously explained.
  • Are there any incompatibilities for being a member of the Order?
    Yes! The following are not compatible with the philosophy of Mediterranean Yoga and the Aurum Solis: lack of desire to work towards your own personal evolution, unwillingness, lack of tolerance, desire for personal and human honors, extremist ideas or behaviors, religious fundamentalism, the belief in the superiority of one gender over the other, or a particular ethnic group over others, etc. Nothing can be considered more incompatible with the Order.
  • How do I enroll in the Aurum Solis?
    Becoming a member of the Pronaos is very simple. You can do it directly from this website by clicking here >
  • Do you accept children?
    No! To become an initiate of the Ordo Aurum Solis or even to begin the Pronaos, you must be an adult. The condition remains unchanged even if parents are companions of the Aurum Solis. There are no groups of children associated, directly or indirectly, with the Order.
  • What is a House of Aurum Solis?
    A "House" is a term for an organized group consisting of initiate members of the Order. It is necessary to distinguish between the terms "Temenos," "Telesterion," and "Naos," to specifically mention these three types of temples. A Temenos is a place where spiritual rites are performed. A Telesterion is the place where initiations and other rituals of the Order are conducted. Naos is the place where you meet the Gods and Goddesses.
  • What are the names of the houses?
    Each house has a specific name, a seal, and a banner. As the Ordo Aurum Solis is connected to a powerful theurgic egregore, the names of the houses are never communicated to the outside world. Aurum Solis believes that a name possesses its own power, attributed to both the potency of the word and the connection established with the egregore of Tradition during the consecration of a house. Similar to a name of power, it is securely protected. That's why on this website, you will only find information about the countries with Official Houses of the Order, and perhaps the cities, but nothing more. This practice is also upheld by the houses of the Order that maintain websites, identifying themselves by country and city without disclosing the esoteric elements that define them. The same level of confidentiality applies to the seals and banners of each House.
  • How to open a House?
    If there isn't a House in your city, area, or country yet, you can express your desire to us to open a House. For that, four initiate members are sufficient. After specific training and special consecrations, the House receives authorization to perform rituals and initiations. Most of the time, the Houses are legally organized according to the laws of their country. It is also necessary to consider the discretion required, especially under certain political regimes unfavorable to freedom.
  • How is the direction of the House organized?
    A House of the Order in the 1st Hall (1st Degree) is called Temenos. Such an initiatic structure is managed by several Officers. Four individuals constitute the foundation and are designated as follows: Magus, Ensor, Eremitus, and Telestes.
  • Is it necessary to be educated to become a member?
    The only requirement is the ability to read. The practice of rituals and psychic exercises is always the primary focus. When we refer to philosophy, it is, for us, a collection of spiritual techniques and precepts. All of this is accessible to everyone. However, the Aurum Solis is organized into several levels. This means that those who want to delve into history, philosophy, and religion will receive all the necessary tools to do so.
  • Is it possible to use the techniques and teachings of Aurum Solis individually at home?
    Indeed, it is possible. However, it is mandatory to be in contact with a group for a number of occasions: initiation (which is necessarily direct) and participation in specific rites. Apart from all this, everything else can be done at home.
  • Does Aurum Solis allows to progress socially?
    As you've probably discerned, Aurum Solis is not an employment agency and does not confer diplomas. However, it can profoundly transform your life in four main ways: Cleansing of Subtle Bodies: By engaging in regular practices presented in a progressive sequence, Mediterranean Yoga and the Aurum Solis facilitates the cleansing of your subtle bodies, enhancing their radiance. Fraternity and Diversity: The Aurum Solis introduces you to a genuine fraternity where individuals from diverse backgrounds and countries come together voluntarily to share expertise, engage in research, and establish contacts. Spiritual Empowerment: The teachings of Mediterranean Yoga and the Aurum Solis provide spiritual keys for daily life. These involve practices such as visualization, vibration, and the use of sacred words and Pentacles. This instruction unfolds progressively along with your advancement in the curriculum. Protection by Theurgic Tradition: Advancing through the curriculum places you under the protection of the invisible powers of the Tradition. This protection is cultivated through the manifestation of your true desire and consistent ritual work. The invisible powers act as a shield, helping you navigate life's challenges and receive the best outcomes aligned with the divine plan. In the course of your journey through the Aurum Solis curriculum, you may observe that these improvements can manifest in unexpected and transformative ways.
  • Does Aurum Solis allow you to be part of a fraternal chain?
    Yes, the fraternal chain comprises all the initiated companions. Also, remember that it is a golden chain composed of genuine initiates who work ritually, connected by consecrated objects. This is how everyone becomes even more closely linked to each other.
  • Does the Aurum Solis recommend a specific diet?
    Acquiring and maintaining good personal balance are fundamental aspects of the work of the Aurum Solis. An entire ray of Mewditerranean Yoga is dedicated to this subject. Each individual can determine the food and drinks that best suit them to maintain good health. This aligns with the traditional rule: a healthy mind in a healthy body (Latin: sana in corpore sano). This is part of self-knowledge. It is impossible to believe that the same rules can be applied to everyone. It is easy to understand that everyone's physical, emotional, and mental levels are unique. Therefore, it is up to you to find the right nutritional balance that suits you. However, to prepare for specific practices, ceremonies, or initiations, the Aurum Solis recommends specific diets (not extreme) for limited periods. For example, a vegetarian diet can sometimes be used to perform a cleansing of the body. Certain foods can also be suggested for specific periods of time. This is never an absolute rule to last for long periods.
  • Does the Aurum Solis support any specific political regime?
    No! The Ordo Aurum Solis affirms that absolute freedom of conscience and respect for the human being are core values. We fully recognize the values of the Order in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, any dictatorial political regime is contrary to our principles.
  • Does the Aurum Solis involve specific moral principles?
    Yes! The first key principle is: “Do what you like, but do not harm!” This rule is simple and applies as follows: When you have something to do, imagine that everyone does the same. Would that be good and positive or negative for you and the world at large? Thus, you will know what is right. Meanwhile, we remind you here that some values are essential for us: good will, fellowship, seriousness, hard work, loyalty, honesty, and politeness.
  • How does the Aurum Solis consider local pre-Christian traditions?
    Many countries have local traditions, and we consider it essential to preserve ancestral heritage, whether cultural, linguistic, or religious. However, we believe that certain aspects need to be adapted to modern times. For example, we are firmly opposed to any form of physical mutilation, regardless of the reason (as in the case of female circumcision). You can learn more about the latest official declarations of the Order on the blog.
  • What is Qabalah?
    Qabalah is an esoteric Hebraic current based on the first five books of the Torah. During the Renaissance, Christian scholars created a Christian Qabalah, altering the spelling, and applied Jewish Qabalistic methods to the revelations of their religion. In the 19th century, the entire Qabalistic tradition was further enriched by significant currents brought to light by primarily French occultists. They aimed to develop the ritual and theurgic aspects of studies. The techniques of Qabala also extend to the Greek and Latin alphabets, allowing for the application of Qabalistic principles in studying each language, drawing out the genius inherent in each culture. The results of these studies are synthesized in the spiritual current of Hermetism. Our Order is the heir to this tradition and sometimes utilizes what we call Magic and Hermetic Qabalah. The initiatory tradition of Christian Kabbalah is well preserved and offered to candidate by the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross.
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