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Stella Gloriosa of the Aurum Solis

Theurgy is a Greek name meaning "divine-working." This category could be compared with the eastern "Tantrism." It focuses on ritualistic practices and other psychic exercises such as energy work. Simply called "Aurum Solis," it is an essential component at the core of the tradition of Mediterranean Yoga. The advanced students in this curriculum who have been initiated are de facto members of what is known as “Stella Gloriosa.”
The first step to this specific path is called “Pronaos” and is presented on this page.

First step on the Theurgic Path

Anyone has the capacity to develop and master his inner abilities. 
The Aurum Solis Tradition explains that we are composed of visible and invisible bodies. The latter can be purified by specific processes. Such inner work will give you health, strength, and a higher understanding of the world. 
As you may know, these invisible bodies are made of energy. If we do not control this inner power, it will remain useless or it could influence us in a wrong direction. Consequently, it is important to understand the nature of this invisible plan. Then we should learn and be trained to master this inner power.
These abilities are well known under some of their effects, such as: Intuition, Out-of-body experience, Telepathy, etc. This website offers specific courses and teacher trainings to some of them. 
All that is accomplished by a specific process that has been developed along centuries by Masters of this famous tradition.
The first step you will discover in the Pronaos involves guided meditations, relaxation, visualizations, sacred pronunciations, movements, etc. All these aspects are perfectly combined and activated using this simple and very effective training!

Aurum Solis - Pronaos 2023 (Theurgy)



Valid for one year


This course is a two-month process. It is composed of eight steps,

each one lasting a week. 

The course gives you access to:

  • A very complete and gradual 8-week training

  • Audio guided meditations, energy work, individual rituals

  • Video demonstration of key techniques for energy work

  • Audio recordings and videos selected for you

  • Educational papers about philosophy, hermeticism, theurgy, and our tradition

  • Monthly meeting with the Grand Master

  • Pronaos group and Spiritual Assistance Group

  • Private library

  • Your possible initiation in-person in Nov. 2023 in the first degree

  • Join the international community of the Aurum Solis accessible online and locally

  • After validation of your reports, receive your Official certificate of Completion signed by the Grand Master.



Online meetings with the Grand Master or a Grand Officer are hold on Tuesdays (6:00PM-PST)

These live Q&A will be recorded and are intended to support the individual practice and study offered during 8 weeks.

The community

Joining this Pronaos training gives you immediate access to the private community of the Pronaos students. The general group of the Pronaos gathers all the pronaos students. More experienced companions of the Aurum Solis, already initiated, also participate in this community.


Secure Payment
You can use the secure payment directly from this page using your credit card or Paypal. If you live in a country that doesn’t allow such online payment you can contact the secretary at:

Questions about the Pronaos training/course 
If you have any questions, you are welcome to directly contact the secretary at:


More about the Theurgic Path
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