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Hrit Yoga for Cancer

& Parkinson's

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The first time I heard that I was diagnosed with breast cancer I felt that the whole world was crumbling around me. Almost two years before the diagnosis, I had had bad back surgery which broke me physically and mentally. Then I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease and a few years later I had to fight another kind of cancer.

I came back to my yoga practices with patience and persistence. Finally, I recovered almost all my physical ability and I am today cancer free. Through regular practices, yoga helped me to find again energy and calm, at both physical and mental levels. I successfully used these yoga techniques with the usual treatment for Parkinson’s.

 I became a certified yoga teacher and decided to share with the community the essential keys to finding relief during and after medical treatments.

I teach with from direct experience; not from an intellectual standpoint. I want to share my experience with you and go with you down this path.

Asanas or postures are performed to rebuild progressively the muscles and to gain confidence in your body. However, most of them are challenging during the treatment.

This is why we use the three main yogic components of breathing, deep relaxation, and the voice to assist the healing process and balance the whole body.

I know that healing from surgery and treatment is a long process. I know also that practicing yoga is a healthy and gentle way to boost and ease the process.

With my husband, Jean-Louis, I offer classes donation-based in the Las Vegas Valley.

Check the calendar and send an email.

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