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Gloriosa Estrela do Sol Dourado

“The theurgists are not counted in the herd of men who are subject to Fate.” 
Chaldaean Oracles, Fragment 153. 


Teurgia é um nome grego que significa “trabalho divino”. Esta categoria centra-se em práticas ritualísticas e outros exercícios psíquicos, como trabalho energético. Simplesmente chamado de "Aurum Solis", é um componente essencial no cerne da tradição do Yoga Mediterrâneo. Os alunos avançados deste currículo que foram iniciados são membros de facto do que é conhecido como “Stella Gloriosa”.
O primeiro passo para este caminho específico chama-se “Pronaos” e é apresentado nesta página.

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The Pronaos Course

The first step to this specific path, an online practical course is called “Pronaos.”

Your Inner Psychic Abilities

Anyone has the capacity to develop and master his inner psychic or spiritual abilities. 
The Aurum Solis Tradition explains that we are composed of visible and invisible bodies. The latter can be purified by specific processes. Such inner work will give you health, strength, and a higher understanding of the world. 
As you may know, these invisible bodies are made of energy. If we do not control this inner power, it will remain useless or it could influence us in a wrong direction. Consequently, it is important to understand the nature of this invisible plan. Then we should learn and be trained to master this inner power.
These abilities are well known under some of their effects, such as: Intuition, Out-of-body experience, Telepathy, etc. This website offers specific courses and teacher trainings to some of them. 
All that is accomplished by a specific process that has been developed along centuries by Masters of this famous tradition.
The first step you will discover in the Pronaos involves guided meditations, relaxation, visualizations, sacred pronunciations, movements, etc. All these aspects are perfectly combined and activated using this simple and very effective training!

To Learn More

Recommended Readings

To go deeper in your understanding of what is Theurgy, we recommend first to read the introduction written by John Opsopaus.

This presentation can be found in the blog and you can access the individual articles through the contents provided below.

1- Ancient Philosophy >

2- Mediating Spirits >

3- Ascent to the One >

4- Basic Principles of Theurgy >

5- 1st Theurgical Operation: Ensoulment >

6- 2nd Theurgical OPeration: Binding and Releasing >

7- 3rd Theurgical OPeration: Liaison >

6- 4th Theurgical OPeration: Theurgic Ascent >


We recommend also specifically the reading of the book by the Grand Master Jean-Louis de Biasi, Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses, Llewellyn Publications.

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