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We are happy to see you here.

Qabalah has been a part of the tradition of the Aurum Solis during several years. A lot of writings published and unpublished have been written by past Grand Officers of the Order. Rituals have been developed and used either individually or in groups.

Even if Qabalah is not the heart of a theurgic and hermetic tradition, its world and rituals can be interesting to explore. They are still practiced by some of the initiates who are duly authorized by the Order.

However, initiated or not, there is a lot we can talk about here and many aspects you can experiment.

This private group is open to everyone, initiated or not in this tradition.

You are invited to join this private group of  the Aurum Solis website. Beside joining a community of people like you, the benefits of joining are briefly presented below.

See you in the private part!

Best Value

Qabal inheritance

US$ 2,50


Todo mês

Aurum Solis - The Hermetic and Magic Qabalah Inheritance

Válido até ser cancelado

Access to a private group and forum of the A.S. including:

- Published and unpublished AS qabalistic material

- Recordings of pahtworkings

- Practices & rituals

- Live meetings

- Discussions & ongoing Q&A with Grand Officers

- Experimentations of Hermetic and Magic Qabalah

Group open to everyone, initiated or not in the Aurum Solis

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