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What Initiations Are

Divine Healing

An initiation is a ceremony dating back to the Western schools of the Mysteries, origin of our lineage. The purpose of an initiation is to open specific energy centers, create contact with the divine and elevate the student's state of consciousness.

It is offered at the end of the theoretical and practical training of the general teacher diploma of "Mediterranean Yoga." It can be associated with the teacher training validated by Yoga Alliance and  the international Yoga Federation.
It is also offered to those who wish to follow only the training in Theurgy. In this case, this private ceremony takes place at the end of a weekend or training retreat.

In addition to this initiation common to all teachers, there are other specific ceremonies for some rays of the tradition, such as healing, devotion, etc. They are also an opportunity to animate in a specific way the inner energies of the student by connecting them with that of the universe and the highest spiritual planes. These initiations are offered during weekends or retreats depending on the nature of the specific training.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!

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