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Timeline of the Modern Manifestation of the Aurum Solis-Mediterranean Yoga

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Rebirth of the tradition under the name Aurum Solis (Gold of the Sun)

G. Stanton 1st Grand Master

George Stanton and Charles Kingold formally constitute the Order Aurum Solis.

George Stanton becomes the first Grand Master. This continued for 17 years.



Morris Greenberg becomes the second Grand Master.



The Aurum Solis interrupts its activities during the World War I.



Charles Roughlett-Bock becomes the third Grand Master, continuing for 14 years.

World War II interrupts activities of- the Aurum Solis.



World War II continue to interrupt the activities of the  Aurum Solis.



The Order issues the following message to its members: "The development of the individual towards perfection, we hold to be a sacred duty: and we work for the common good, as a means towards the perfecting of every individual.”



Full activities are resumed.



Michael Bernard Foy becomes the fourth Grand Master,

continuing for 24 years.



Thomas Maughan becomes the fifth Grand Master,

continuing for one year. He was also Chief Druid of England in the Druid Order. 

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Vivian Godfrey becomes the sixth Grand Master (after the death of Thomas Maughan)

She was the first female Grand Master.

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Carl Llewellyn Weschke becomes the seventh Grand Master.

While living in the United States (St. Paul, MN), both Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski resign from the Aurum Solis and choose their publisher, Carl Llewellyn Weschke, to become the next Grand Master. He was a famous publisher and author at Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn Publications is still one of the most important publishing companies for books about spirituality and inner development in America.



Vivian Godfrey becomes the eighth Grand Master.



Following the death of Vivian Godfrey, Leon Barcynski becomes the ninth Grand Master.

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U Maung Maung Gyi
U Thant


Jean-Louis de Biasi becomes the tenth lifetime Grand Master.

He continues to reveal all the facets of this ancient tradition in present day. A full presentation of the Grand Master can be found on his website at:


2003 - Today

The modern organization of the Aurum Solis, deeply rooted in its origins, has been recognized by numerous scholars, heads of spiritual organizations and former Grand Masters and head of the Order.

Under the management of the Grand Master Jean-Louis de Biasi and the Associate Grand Master Patricia Bourin, the Order has found the stability of its first years of existence. The light of this tradition is now shining on all continents.

The eights rays of the tradition are taught and practiced, allowing everyone to discover the whole tradition.

The advanced traditional theurgic practices are also given to  students of the module “Theurgy – Stella Gloriosa,” which can be compared to the Eastern “Tantra Yoga.”


(Please note that a more developed timeline can be found in the booklet presenting this tradition, along with an official declaration (2006) of the previous Grand Master to reaffirm the absolute authority and all rights in and for the Aurum Solis tradition of the current Grand Master Jean-Louis de Biasi.)

In 2023, "Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis" has also been recognized as an official Yoga School by the International Yoga Federation.

Timeline of the Tradition Previous its Modern Manifestation of 1897

The early ages of the “Mediterranean Yoga – Aurum Solis” have been well documented by the Grand Master Jean-Louis de Biasi in his book “Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses,” from Llewellyn Publications.

An extensive account about the Tradition of the period between ancient Egypt and 1897 is presented in the booklet.

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