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About the Aurum Solis

The Ordo Aurum Solis is an initiatory Order reactivated under this name in England in 1897 by George Stanton and Charles Kingold.

This Egypto-Hellenic Tradition is defined by what is called the "Gold Chain" (of the Masters). This lineage is rooted in Hermetism, which is a tradition associating Theurgic practices with a rational approach to the inner mysteries of life. The tradition first describes the high origins of the human soul and how it descended into physicality and what that means; secondly, it reveals the path by which the soul may again return to the Eternal and Supreme and what that involves.

Focused on Theurgy and Hermetism, it constitutes both one of the eight rays and the inner circle of the holistic system called Mediterranean Yoga. It originates in Ancient Egypt and eventually came to Greece, Italy, and in modern times all over the world. It is one of the main schools that offer a modern, powerful training in Mediterranean Yoga and in the Tradition of the ancient Mysteries. It is best known through the published works of four of its leaders, Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips, the famous publisher Carl Llewellyn, and from 2003 Jean-Louis de Biasi. Together, they have authored many books on spirituality and psychic development, such as Astral Projection and Creative Visualization.

Jean-Louis de Biasi, nominated lifetime Grand Master, perpetuates this tradition with books such as The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis, Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses, Mysteries of the Aura, and more.

This pre-Christian Tradition has given humanity some of its greatest scientists and humanist philosophers. Polytheism, the main religious expression of this time, provides the tradition of tolerance for any spiritual practice and experience. Many are the ways! But organization, self-discipline, and practice lead onward to the Next Step!

These progressive manifestations of non-theologic science and humanist spirituality were severely attacked during the rise of the institutionalized monotheistic religions in Europe and the Middle East, leading directly to the Dark Ages. However, in the fifteenth century, the Theurgic Neo-Platonist tradition reappeared in Florence, Italy. The Renaissance was truly a universal rebirth of human consciousness, igniting the beginning of modern civilization: it broke the religious and monarchist domination of human thought, science, and philosophy and led to the industrial, technological, and information ages, to democracy and human rights and the abolition of slavery, religious tolerance, universal education, and the metaphysical traditions, etc.

From this earlier time, the Hermetic Tradition was secretly continued in Europe until its rebirth in 1897. Aurum Solis is a unique example of an initiatory and spiritual organization that remained rooted in the original humanist spiritual values developed by its founders. From the beginning, Aurum Solis chose to maintain a clear and unique lineage, working hard to improve the visibility of the original holistic Western Tradition. By highlighting the unique characteristics of this spiritual path, Aurum Solis shows the urgency to see life differently. Dogmas are dangerous; chaos is risky, while rediscovering a tolerant and traditional path to the divine is paramount.

This is the Modern Renaissance!

© 2017 by Aurum Solis - O.A.S. - O.S.V.


In the last few months of 2006, the past Grand Master Osborn Phillips received and read various ambiguous texts and declarations written by former initiates of our Order. One of these initiates created a new Order and proclaimed himself as Grand Master, claiming to have received the full degrees and the communication of the various aspects of the system of the Ogdoadic Tradition, Aurum Solis.

Osborn Phillips considered possible that some of these claims, such as the use of ambiguous names, initials, and symbols were intended to fool the public. The responsibility he had as Past Grand Master regarding this Tradition motivated him to reaffirm what the reality is concerning the lineage, Tradition and authority of the Ogdoadic Tradition of the Ordo Aurum Solis. This is why he wrote the official declaration below.

Transcript of the text:

Let it be known that the sole successor to myself as Grand Master of the Order Aurum Solis is Jean-Louis de Biasi, who alone holds absolute authority and all rights in and for the Order, who alone has knowledge of the higher mystical degrees of Aurum Solis and who alone is spiritually capable of establishing an Adeptus Plenus according to the intent, rites and inner plane contacts of the Aurum Solis.
Jean-Louis de Biasi is also sole heir to the archival material of Aurum Solis, including the entire documentation of Societas Rotae Fulgentis.

At sundry times, charters of succession from Aurum Solis have been delivered to various individuals (such as Simon Tamenec* and William Stoltz), entitling their recipients to establish autonomous Orders of the Ogdoadic Tradition and to proclaim initiatory descent from the Aurum Solis; but, and specifically, neither establishing them as Aurum Solis nor giving them any rights or authority within or for the Order Aurum Solis. 
Those in receipt of such charters are, by the gift, able to confer valid regular degrees of initiation within the Ogdoadic Tradition, up to the rank of Adeptus Minor, but are not able to confer these degrees as spiritually valid within or for the Order Aurum Solis. Furthermore, because the keys and ceremonies necessary to establish an Adept as an Adeptus Plenus (or Full Adept) have never been imparted to any person other than Jean-Louis de Biasi, those in receipt of charters are unable to establish any person as an Adeptus Plenus according to the ceremonies, intent and inner plane contact of the Order Aurum Solis.

Osborne Phillips
Past Grand Master
1 January 2007


 Let it be known that:

- Simon Tamenec and the line which he represents joined definitively the Order of Aurum Solis in 2003, giving their documents, archives, library, and Charter to Jean-Louis de Biasi and the Order Aurum Solis.

- William Stoltz decided to create his own Order and to give himself the title of Grand Master.

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