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Mediterranean Yoga
Aurum Solis®

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The Aurum Solis “Gold of the Sun” is a Mediterranean tradition that was first revealed to the public in 1897 and has been in continual operation.
Its heritage encompasses the greatest teachings and practices of the Western pre-Christian world. Through the gold chain of its Grand Masters and the power of its teachings, this unbroken lineage offers effective tools that can empower and improve your life on every level.

This traditional school is often called the “Yoga of the West” and since the Aurum Solis traces its heritage to pre-Christian traditions, which include ancient Greece and Egypt, we lovingly refer to it as “Mediterranean Yoga” (yoga meaning "to join" or "to unite"). The eight rays of the Glorious Star constitute its whole system.

In 2023, "Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis" has also been recognized as an official Yoga School by the International Yoga Federation.

The 10th Grand Master is Jean-Louis de Biasi, published author, Freemason, philosopher, yoga teacher, and spiritual teacher.

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Patricia Bourin

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Jean-Louis de Biasi

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