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This Prayer Bead is used in several rituals linked to the Ancient Egyptian Religion, sometimes called Kemetic Religion.

This Prayer Bead is based on the three traditional Egyptian Colors White, Red, and Green. It is linked to three Egyptian Divinities: Serapis, Horus, and Isis.

This Prayer Bead is associated with a cartouche gold-oeverlay 16k. Three Egyptian hieroglyphs (Traditional Formula) are written on it. Their magical power will be activated by the use of the Prayer Bead and the contact with the cartouche. These three sacred characters Ankh, wedja, seneb mean “life, prosperity and strength, health.” This is an epithetic formula which often appears after the names of Egyptian kings or references to their household, or at the end of letters.

Use of this Prayer Bead: This Prayer Bead attract the protection of the three divinities invoked and the powers linked to the cartouche.

Kemetic Prayer beads

  • This Prayer Bead is made of 24 stone beads of Turquoise, Carnelian, Aventurine, Howlite 10mm. Its circumference is approximately 10″ (25 cm).
    The cartouche (1.25″) is gold-oeverlay 16k. The beads color may vary as well as the space beads.

    It is provided in the beautiful pouch of Theurgia.

    More information can be found below.

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