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Pronaos 2024
First step on the Theurgic Path

The 2024 Edition of the Pronaos

The Pronaos course combines theory and practice, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

The Grand Officers of the Order are relentlessly committed to improving the teaching method. When necessary, they introduce new rituals from our tradition. The 2024 edition marks a significant milestone in this refinement.

New Features for 2024

  • The training is now individually supervised by the Associate Grand Master and certain officers of the Order.

  • New theurgical rituals, extracted from the magical papyri and the Chaldean oracles, have been added, including the Mithra ritual and the Hekate ritual.

  • Most of the other rituals have been revised to incorporate important invocations and sacred names from the Egyptian and Chaldean traditions.

  • Clear explanations on the pronunciations of divine and sacred words from the magical papyri are also provided.

  • Initiations in the first degree, accessible after validation at the end of the Pronaos, are scheduled. You can find the dates and locations on the calendar page.

This training takes place over several levels, starting with advanced internal work, then the creation of the inner sacred space. It continues after a few months with individual rituals, such as those mentioned previously.

Upon Registration, You Will Have Direct Access To:

  • A very complete and progressive 8-month training

  • Audio-guided meditations, energy work, individual rituals

  • Video demonstrations of key energy work techniques

  • Selected audio and video recordings for you

  • Educational articles on philosophy, hermetism, theurgy, and our tradition

  • Monthly meetings with one of the Grand Masters or one of the Grand Officers

  • Pronaos Group and Spiritual Assistance Group

  • Your potential in-person initiation to the first degree in one of the countries where the Order is present

  • Join the international community of Aurum Solis accessible online and locally.

  • After completing the Pronaos, whether you are initiated or not, receive your Official Certificate of Achievement signed by the Grand Master.

Live Meetings

Live meetings on the Internet are held monthly with the Grand Master or one of the Officers of the Order.

These live Q&A sessions are designed to support the individual practice and study offered over 8 months.

The Community

Joining this Pronaos training gives you immediate access to the private Pronaos student community. The general Pronaos group includes all Pronaos students. More experienced companions of Aurum Solis, already initiated, also participate in this community.

Secure Payment

You can use secure payment directly from this page using your credit card or PayPal. If you reside in a country that does not allow this type of online payment, you can contact the secretary at the following address:

Questions About the Pronaos Training/Courses

If you have any questions, you can contact the secretariat directly at:

About the 2024 Edition

Please note that the 2024 Edition is only available in French. The English edition will be released on July 1st.

If you register today, you will have access to the 2023 Edition. When the 2024 Edition is released, you will be added to the new edition and you will retain access to both editions.

Aurum Solis - Pronaos 2023 (Theurgy)



Valid for one year

A very complete and gradual 8-week training

Audio guided meditations, energy work, individual rituals

Video demonstration of key techniques for energy work

Audio recordings and videos (Approx. 6 hours)

Educational papers about philosophy, theurgy, M.Y.-A.S.

Online meetings with the Grand Master starting 09/19/23

Pronaos group and Spiritual Assistance Group

Private library

Your possible initiation in-person in 2023

More about the Theurgic Path
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